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Slade Software Ltd

Software Development and Consultancy

Making your life easier

Myself and the company

I founded Slade Software to provide bespoke Software Development and Consultancy services built around you. Covering all aspects of software development, from product inception and architecture design to application development and cloud deployment. I am here to support and guide you through the entire process, or areas of specific need.

Through this business, I will strive to build and maintain close relationships with you, so that I can fully understand your business and what you both need and want in your products. That way, I can tailor my services to fit you best and I can adjust my working practices to best fit the you; whether that be to simply sit in as an advisor, or drive forward your technical excellence and product quality.

I am a husband-to-be, father and passionate technologist. I am passionate about what I do in all aspects of my life, and I strive for the best. Throughout my life I have worked hard to achieve a number of goals, such as attaining a First Class Degree with Honours from University, starting my own business, and becoming a member of Mensa in 2019. But none of these compare to my more personal achievements of becoming a father (twice) and getting engaged.

My values

As this is my personal business, I have a few core values that I believe are fundamental in running a successful and reputable company, in order to provide a service that you will be happy with. Top of that list is to provide a personal service to you, which means that you will work with me directly throughout. While I am able to outsource some or all of the work, I generally choose not to as I believe I can deliver a better and more personal service if I handle the work myself. Through regular communication, I can ensure that the service I am delivering is exactly what you need and that you are happy with the quality. Because of this personal approach, I only have capacity to work with a small number of clients at one time, so that I can build a close relationship with you and really focus my efforts.

Services and fees

My services are structured into 3 main areas and the fees are calculated differently for each.

  • Ad hoc work - hourly/daily rate
  • Advisory work - retainer-based
  • Project work - value/delivery-based fixed fee

Take a look at the Services and Fees pages for more information.