Advisory Consultation

Looking to utilise a new technology or platform, programming paradigm or design pattern? Whatever you are considering, when you need someone to bounce ideas off, use as a soundboard or ask for general advice, we can be on hand to support you through these decisions.

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Software Development

Whether you are just looking for a few features to be added to an existing solution, to refactor/rebuild an existing codebase using a new architectural pattern, or want a brand new product building - we can help. We take on all areas of software development, from individual enhancements right through to complete greenfield developments.

Build and Deployment Pipelines

Do you want your code to be automatically built at certain times and have all tests run? Perhaps you have one or more environments into which you want to deploy your changes automatically. Whatever you are trying to achieve, we can work with you to advise the most appropriate direction, or we can take complete ownership of building your pipelines for you.

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Architectural Design

At Slade Software, we understand the importance of a well designed codebase or enterprise solution. We can support you in selecting the right technologies, platforms and structure to use when building your products in order to achieve your goals. We will take the time to understand your needs and then go away and work out the right approach and produce the designs; all while providing you with regular feedback so you know we are progressing on the right track.


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